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Behind Oregon City’s Hidden Tax on West Linn Residents

The city of Oregon City wants to charge the Tri City Service District (of which West Linn is a partner) and South Fork Water Board (of which West Linn is a co-owner) a tax hidden in the form of a franchise fee. I would like to describe why the West Linn City Council...

National League of Cities’ Congressional City Conference

Councilors Jenni Tan & Thomas Frank joined more than 1,500 local elected officials and city leaders at the National League of Cities’ Congressional City Conference in Washington. The five-day conference is the nation’s largest gathering of city...

Clackamas Hardwood Forest Project

Here is information about one of the most innovative government projects I have seen in a long time.  State Representative Julie Parrish is partnering with local governments, businesses, Universities, and even homeowners  to create a sustainable renewable industry.  I...

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