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Arch bridge planning is truly a public process

Over the course of 2014, the city has been working on a plan to revitalize and showcase the area near the arch bridge and the Willamette Falls. Currently a landscape of parking lots, oddly angled street corners and masked views of the river, we now have a chance to...

Keep West Linn Strong

As we enter election season, there are many decisions that we will have to make. Our city has the opportunity to keep the strong forward momentum of this council moving forward for the foreseeable future. I am pleased that two of our councilors, Jody Carson and Mike...

Behind Oregon City’s Hidden Tax on West Linn Residents

The city of Oregon City wants to charge the Tri City Service District (of which West Linn is a partner) and South Fork Water Board (of which West Linn is a co-owner) a tax hidden in the form of a franchise fee. I would like to describe why the West Linn City Council...

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